Mechanical Services

• Repair, overhaul and recondition of motors, alternators & pump units.


• Modification machining , fabricating and fitting works.

• Welding, cutting and hot works.


• Dynamic balancing of rotors and Impellers.

• Shaft Journal Metal Sprays and White Metal Bearing.


• Maintenance and replacement of all Mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic                   equipment and System.


• Shaft Alignment of rotating machineries.


• Rewind up to 4000 KVA and calibrate circuit breaker.

• Heat exchangers

             ⁃ Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger

             ⁃ Plate Type Heat Exchanger

             ⁃ Plate Fin Heat Exchanger

             ⁃ Phase Change Heat Exchanger

• Small to medium steel works of any kind ashore and onboard the vessel.


• All types of sea water pumps & oil pumps.